Saturday, 17 May 2008

Judith Gould

According to the publishers, the following will be 25 years old next February (more like 27, but I digress). To celebrate this, Alyson books will publish a trade paperback edition. It even was a top rated mini-series back in the mid-80's starring none other than nighttime soaps veteran Joan Collins. Let me introduce you the work of two great gentlemen with whom I correspond from time to time, Nicholas Peter "Nick" Bienes and Rhea Gallaher:

SINS by Judith Gould (Signet, 1982)

Judith Gould's SINS is a super-glossy weaving tale of passion and intrigue set into the world of haute-couture which starts during WW2 and ends in the early 80's. Hélène Junot is a strong heroine surrounded by a group of colorful characters, many of whom are driven by their own need to destroy her, in a setting that is as rich as the people who lives in it. Gould uses every trick in the book (sex, money, power, greed, sex...) to capture her readers and transports them into a world of (not so) privileged lives, and thus succeeds in making her first novel a thrilling experience.-----Martin Boucher

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