Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I'm On A Roll

Some of you may know this next author for his column "On the Town with Rex Reed" in the New York Observer; some may know him for his alleged shoplifting of CDs in 2000; some may even know him for his 1970 involvement as the "other half" of Raquel Welch in the outrageous Myra Breckinridge; I know him mostly for having written this wonderful novel called:

PERSONAL EFFECTS by Rex Reed (Jove, 1987)

Film critic and longtime fan of the glitz and glamour, Rex Reed has finally penned one of his own. PERSONAL EFFECTS is the riveting tale of four fans who befriend a legendary movie star named Gilda, until one of them is involved in her 1979 murder. Throughout many torrid flashbacks, and many succulent exchanges between the culprits, Rex Reed delivers an eye-popping tale of old Hollywood when studios were kings and stars their pets. There's never a dull moment in this novel. From love to jealously to murder, the author's uncanny flair for creating unputdownable escapist entertainment shines through. His colorful protagonists plus his clever way of building an explosive conclusion make PERSONAL EFFECTS a one sitting read. Another Rex Reed novel is way past due.-----Martin Boucher

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