Monday, 12 May 2008

Here we Go!

First blog, first time at the rodeo, you might say (OK, yes, you got me. I'm channeling Dunaway in "Mommie Dearest"). I'm a French-Canadian who loves "trashy" books, especially those which are scarcely known today. So I thought why not give them a second wind and talk about them via reviews, long or short. Just like I, they need to be acknowledged for their self worth--if that makes any sense. So please, join me in discovering the now (or never) unsung heroes of the publishing industry, starting with:

DOLL BABY by Burt Hirschfeld (Dell, 1985)

A very gripping grade-B tale of a Marilyn Monroe-like heroine who is used and abused by Hollywood. The plot centers around her pursuit of happiness while surviving the many pratfalls of the business. Hirschfeld (a.k.a. Hugh Barron) delivers a fun if very dark account of star control during the 60's. His protagonist is the ultimate sufferer whose hectic journey involves many explicit situations (with cheesy dialogue to boost) and raw-nerved discoveries that surprisingly verge on poignancy near the end. Thanks to the author's skillful savoir-faire and his successful association to beach reads throughout the years DOLL BABY is another page-turning experience fans of the genre will not want to miss.-----Martin Boucher

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