Monday, 11 June 2012


In the midst of the highly anticipated release of GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS 2 in the near future, why not talk about the 2003 original film which I happened to discover about two years ago while surfing channels. You see, in Canada, our LOGO TV is called OUT TV.  It also features many gay theme movies (duh!) with almost no commercial breaks (yes!). So I was more than thrilled to finally catch this much-talked about film which, according to many, was very funny in an over the top way. I’ve always been a big fan of those sub-genre films and GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS definitely looked to be right up my alley.

I had never heard of the three leading ladies before. No, not true. I was barely aware of two of them: one from a guest spot on TV’s PROJECT RUNWAY; and the other from a very funny stint in the gay crowd-pleaser TRICK. But the moment I laid eyes on the trio I knew my time would be well spent. I mean, c’mon, how can it not with such a strong female cast, not to mention what looked to be an attune script, a laugh out loud repartee, and a slapstick rhythm worthy of any comedy classics. Oh, and the song in the opening credits; talk about a catchy tune; very VALLEY OF THE DOLLS / THE FIRST WIVES CLUB-ish.

The story revolves around three roommates, all in show business at one point, who make life a living hell for each other, the biggest train wreck being the older of the bunch Evie (Jack Plotnick). Evie was once an up and coming actress. But due to circumstances unrevealed here to keep the surprise for those still unfamiliar with the film (you should be ashamed of yourselves!), she lost it all. Well, almost all; she must still receives residuals for some show or another since she seems to have done them all (or so she claims). Anyway, Evie is what you call a has-been; you know, someone with no future, no prospect, no nothing. She loves to drink herself to a stupor and adores ridiculing her insecure roommate slash ex-starlet slash part-time maid Coco (Clinton Leupp) whenever she gets the chance (which is often). But it’s when new-roomie Varla (Jeffery Roberson) shows up that the fun really starts. What ensues is a battle of the fittest as Evie stops at nothing to crash Varla’s dream of making it big in Hollywood while trying to make a comeback herself.

I  can’t count the time I found myself laughing while witnessing the hectic goings on of our crazy ladies. Any scene they’re in is a treasure in itself ("Astro-phy-si-cist!", anyone?). And that’s saying a lot since GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS is what you call a no (big) name movie with a minuscule budget. But director Richard Day succeeds in impressing us in every way. Everything he touches looks slick. Not to mention the mega talents of his protagonists who, should I say, are far from being strangers in the gay community. Just in my strange little world; until about two years ago, like I mentioned. Now, I feel the need to know what they’re up to, like their involvement in the GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS sequel (written and directed by Day again) which, suffice to say, I can’t wait to see.
In the meantime, if you guys are like me and can’t get enough of Evie, Coco and Varla, just subscribe to their respective Twitter names for more info about their upcoming shows and personal engagements. If you crave for more GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS before the ultimate sequel, visit You Tube for a couple of internet shorts which are as yummy as the film itself. Oh, and before I forget, for those who have seen the movie, yes, it is TV’s MODERN FAMILY Eric Stonestreet who plays Coco’s rapist and husband to be. I doubt he will be in the second feature (just as gorgeous Ron "Stevie" Mathews’, who is reportedly being replaced) but he won’t be missed. These girls can certainly take care of themselves.


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Friday, 1 June 2012


To celebrate the forthcoming 30th anniversary release of Shirley Conran LACE (by Canongate Books), let's look back at some of the US or UK covers that have caught our eyes throughout the years.

 These are the first US and UK hardcover editions from 1982.

A somber 25th anniversary cover for a grand novel.

I like this cover.  Wish these ladies looked more like the heroines from the TV miniseries, though.

Speaking of whom, this cover is my favorite by far.  They should have used this photo for the DVD release.

 Cool '90s paperback cover.

From 1997.

                  This is the omnibus one.  Must be LiLi on the cover.

Last but not least, the first US paperback version.  This is the one I got after seeing the sensational miniseries.


So there you have it.  I'm sure there's many more where those came from, and I will keep at it as soon as I find them.


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