Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Elizabeth Gage

This next featured author is supposedly a pen name for an established bestselling novelist. Some claim she is Susan Libertson who, interestingly enough, has written zilch under her own name. According to Publishers Weekly, however, (1/13/97, p.24), Elizabeth Gage is the pseudonym of Joseph Libertson. He is also working under the pseudonym Joseph Glass.

TABOO by Elizabeth Gage (Pocket, 1993)

Here's another sizzler set in Hollywood, this time in the 1930's. The lives of the movers and shakers in TABOO are a roller coaster ride of sins and secrets and of unattainable happiness. Gage's two main sufferers, Kate Hamilton and Joseph Knight, go through the melodramatic motion of uniting then paying the price for it. But it's Eve Sinclair, the child superstar, who really makes TABOO a delicious romp. Her cold-hearted volcanic temperament will make any fan of the trashy novels stand up and cheer.-----Martin Boucher

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