Sunday, 19 March 2017


I could sum up this blog entry with one phrase: grab this book now, and move on to the next topic but that would be unethical of me. Besides, I’m sure the publishers and NetGalley expected more than just four little words when they agreed to let me read this gem in exchange for an honest opinion. So without further ado: Victoria Fox’s latest THE SILENT FOUNTAIN (HQ) is all about secrets, secrets from the past mainly. We have Lucy who is running away from a London affair. Without giving away too much let’s just say that her reasons for doing so are more than valid. Then we have Vivien, the Hollywood actress who shies away from the spotlight for a chance at love, but with all the mystery surrounding her dashing beau, is it really worth it?  

Trust me on this, the less I say about the plot the more you’ll savour this novel. Fair warning though: the author’s usual glam fiction approach is a bit toned down, replaced mostly by a gothic-like approach that reminds those captivating but quickly made mass-market paperbacks from the late ‘60s and ‘70s. You know the kind, those that usually highlight on their covers a beautiful heroine on the run from an intimidating castle. Except that in this one everything is top notch, from the rich narrative switching from first to third person to the end of chapter hooks that make it impossible to put the novel down, not to mention the well-thought-of setting that goes back and forth in time. 

But first and foremost THE SILENT FOUNTAIN is a love story. A different kind of a love story, perhaps (again I don’t want to say too much but be ready to reach for some tissues), but one that still packs a wallop. If Miss Fox’s main aim is to give more sense of realness to her characters and plot by going full gloom, well, I’m happy to say that the mission has indeed been accomplished.  So much so that it may even elevates her already celebrated career to a whole new level: that of a dark fiction writer. 
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