Tuesday, 14 March 2017


When I saw that the latest novel from Ella Harper (formerly Sasha Wagstaff) was available in exchange for a review on NetGalley my spirit just soared. Here was the chance for me to finally do this author justice. Not that I have ever done her wrong. I mean how could I when all she had ever shown is a knack for grabbing readers by the balls with her sheer talent. She certainly does it again with ONE LAST WISH (Canelo Books), the story of a cancer-stricken ten year old who yearns to solidify her parent's love for one another before she passes on.
Having a sick child has taken a toll on Rosie and Nate. Their once-perfect marriage is now filled with bitterness, resentment, jealousy—all but unexpressed—but most importantly sorrow, sorrow over eventually losing their daughter to an incurable brain tumor. But Emmie has not said her last word. Her situation may be a ticking time bomb but with the help of her nerdy but devoted therapist, her cool family and friends, she will do her best to bring her parents back together. And in doing so, get rid of some personal issues regarding her terminal illness.   

I admit that the main theme of ONE LAST WISH is far from being considered light, but the way Harper goes at it makes it all feel like a breeze while never omitting the seriousness of the topic. This important lesson of never losing oneself no matter how cruel the world gets will make any reader of emotional novels reach out for a tissue. Yes, even I, a cold-hearted S.O.B., got my heartstrings pulled. In between funny bits, heartfelt moments and cringe-worthy situations (like the one involving one of the spouses going for a kiss by a third party) lies a novel that may own some predictable plot twists but has definitely managed to be quite endearing in its overall delivery. I can’t wait for the author’s next offering.


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