Sunday, 26 March 2017


Picking up a Rebecca Chance novel is always a treat for me. Rain or shine she always delivers. So it comes as no surprise that her 2010 BAD GIRLS  (Simon & Schuster UK) is just what the doctor ordered.  Set mostly in a rehab to the stars, the novel introduces three main sufferers who, different as night and day, all have one thing in common: they are the addictive kind. Whether it’s to pills, to blow or even to sex they all need help. Or so it seems. Because, you see, one of them is admitted under false pretenses. The reason? Simple: to catch a celebrated star under compromising positions (wink wink). Not as easy a task as it seems, however, especially when the heart interferes.  

Be forewarned: once you pick up this book you won’t be able to let it go. It is that addictive. Rebecca Chance delivers a one-sitting read worthy of any Jackie Collins offering. Yes, I keep referring outstanding novels to the work of the late author. How can I not when the bar’s aimed that high? BAD GIRLS reaches that plateau quite easily. The author keeps the ball rolling with effective plot and characterization, and a sense of style that can only be envious. Color me enchanted but I predict even better and bigger things from her, whether it’s under her own name or the one she uses to pen those fabulous reads. The world is her oyster.  

OK, OK, I’ll calm down. But promise me this: you’ll check out BAD GIRLS ASAP. If you ever wondered how to write a glam-fiction novel that has wit and heart and possesses a smooth narrative that still packs a punch then look no further. This is the one to get, folks. I promise, it’ll be just as fun studying it as witnessing just how bad this fictitious other half lives.

BAD GIRLS is still available wherever digital or conventional books are sold.

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