Sunday, 11 September 2016


Ever since the publication of DADDY’S GIRLS back in 2006 Tasmina Perry has been churning out bestseller after bestseller, and with good reasons. The lady definitely knows how to deliver class trash fiction. Try any novel of hers and I guarantee that you’ll be having seconds and thirds. So it comes as no surprise that her latest is just as impressive. Called THE HOUSE ON SUNSET LAKE (Headline), the story in a  gist revolves around thirtysomething hotel developer Jim Johnston who still holds a torch for the woman that got away many years ago. When their paths cross once again via a business transaction, Jim will stop at nothing to rekindle their romance, however damageable it may turn out to be.  

Those yearning for the old Tasmina Perry, the one who fills her books with sins and scandals among the very rich, will once again have to settle for less, since THE HOUSE ON SUNSET LAKE is a tamed down version of what the author used to write. Just like in her last two novels, everything is simpler and more traditional (less characters, less high-jinks, more feelings).  Oh, the opulent setting is still present but contrary to her first few titles it has become secondary to the story itself, a story filled with romance and past mistakes and second chances at love. Perry’s narrative is as strong, if not better than before, and the way the plot boils down to a one on one confrontation between the two leads should please romance junkies everywhere.  

The only flaw I can attribute to THE HOUSE ON SUNSET LAKE is this unnecessary big bombshell regarding Jim’s family the author uses to build up the climax. A revelation that seems a bit overblown since the plot is already strong as it is. But this should not hinder too much any enjoyment regarding this sweet and touching tale of two people rediscovering one another.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.



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