Monday, 26 September 2016


Of all the current bestselling novelists specializing in glam fiction I would say Rebecca Chance (Lauren Henderson) is hard to beat. Her novels are always fun and compelling. Take her first offering DIVAS (Simon & Schuster UK) for instance—the story of two beauties from opposite sides of the tracks who team up to destroy a third party who has made their lives a living hell—at first glance it all sounds a bit mundane (haven’t we seen it all before?), but at the hands of Rebecca Chance, however, it is pure gold. What can I say? the woman has the magic touch. Whether it’s in her strong narrative or in her sympathetic characters, or simply in her way of moving the plot along, one thing’s for sure, this delivery of hers is one enjoyable treat. 

I’ve been meaning to talk about this author for ages, ever since I got a hold of DIVAS in 2010. I was in Geneva on my way to visit Chamonix (where parts of miniseries LACE were filmed) and brought the book along with me. The best decision I could have made. I remember reading it in bed, incapable of letting it go, as my hubby snored heavily next to me. But the truth of the matter was I scarcely heard him since I was so enthralled in the novel.  

DIVAS is primarily the tale of a spoiled socialite who has revenge on her mind when she suddenly gets cut off from dad’s fortune. Now, you’d think that being dead broke would make her learn a meaningful lesson about life and about living on the streets. Well, think again. Though she does get a wake-up call she still manages to survive by leaning on her rich friends, like her ex-fiancé turned gay, for instance, who, contrary to the gay folks in Judith Krantz’s SCRUPLES, is kind and caring. In fact all of the homosexual characters in DIVAS are non-threatening. The same could not be said about the ex-fiancé’s brute of a brother who, as straight as they come, has an eye for the heroine and serves as a plaything when the two finally hookup—more than once I might add. The private plane sex scene between the two is one of the hottest passages that I’ve read in a long time. It will make you reach for either a ciggie or a vibrator or both. Add a knockout of a pole dancing mermaid who ends up an accomplice to the heroine’s scheme, a hunk of a private trainer who’s also an ace in bed; and a rich stepmom who has a thing for her employees and you’ve got yourself one exciting read you’ll want to consume in no time.   

True to form, the major plot points are effective, some more than others (the solving of a computer password to obtain access to some hidden footage… not so much) but all are interesting overall. I’ll even say that DIVAS is one of the better sub-genre books to come around in the last decade or so. So pick it up. It’s still available wherever digital or trade paperbacks are sold. 


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