Thursday, 12 January 2017


Before Louise Mensch introduced BEAUTY to the world in 2014 she was Louise Bagshawe, queen of the UK chick lit and sis of the other Bagshawe lady, bestselling author Tilly. Whatever reasons she chose to distance herself from her money-making brand name is her prerogative (marriage, confusion between sis…). One thing is for sure, she has not lost her touch. BEAUTY and CAREER GAME (the sequel to her first title CAREER GIRLS) are strong choices if you’re into those types of a read. Since I obviously am and cannot get enough of her novels, let me focus on one that I particularly hold dear.   
Movers and shakers rule a motion picture set in Louise Bagshawe's THE MOVIE (called TRIPLE FEATURE in the US), a fun and dishy tale of beautiful people gone bad. From the angelic ingénue to the diva extraordinaire, Bagshawe takes you on a wild ride of sins, money and passion. Yes, we've all seen it before but Bagshawe's effective plot and colorful characters give THE MOVIE the edge it needs to stay afloat, making the end-result just as wickedly readable as any of Jackie Collins’ impressive back list. Yes, of course, good triumphs over evil in the end but who gives a flying whoop when the trip is such a wild ride at the hands of la talented Mensch.  

I admit I have yet to read all of her novels but what I did end up holding, I devoured in no time. So let me make one thing clear. Whether the author goes by the name Bagshawe or Mensch barely matters; in the end what counts is the baby, the published one. And since she has been around for quite some time and certainly has proven her worth, let’s hope that 2017 will be the year the name Mensch shines as bright as if not brighter than any Bagshawe.


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