Monday, 16 January 2017



Like every teenage boy across the globe my sexual peak showed itself when I was around 15. It was a time where every schoolmate, every movie, every magazine or billboard ad screamed of sexual desire (mostly from Calvin Klein). So much so that I was ready to hump anything that moved. Thank heaven I also had films like this 1981 movie adaptation of the D. H. Lawrence classic—starring the recently-departed Sylvia Kristel and the late Nicholas Clay from EXCALIBUR fame—to temporarily cure that imposing itch.  

Indeed, this enjoyable B-ride called LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER did more than the trick besides showing a panoramic view of foggy London. The sexually-charged performance of its two stars is what made the movie tick and still does today. Both bring nothing but skin to their performances of an unlikely duo engaging in a torrid affair and it is more than fine with me. Over an ultra-syrupy score (by Richard Harvey and Stanley Myers) and a fine use of camera work by Robert Fraisse, the two go at it like you wouldn’t believe, leaving nothing to the imagination except to wonder if the movie would have been better had a more talented cast been involved. Since this isn't the case here yet the film still manages to remain impressive despite its many flaws, I would gladly say that LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER is superficial enough to be considered camp classic material. 

I’ve been thinking of spotlighting this film for quite a while. However, I wanted to catch it again before taking the plunge and write this fantastic review. You never know, it may have turned out to be an awful film over the years. But I’m happy to report that it has aged graciously. In fact, I found myself enjoying it even more this time around, especially now that my teen days are over and done with.  
Oh yes, give this LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER a chance. It does not try to be artsy-fartsy nor does it pretend to be better than the dozen of adaptations. It’s just a little erotica from the director of EMMANUELLE which features the star of EMMANUELLE. Beautifully shot and always a class-act when it comes to any sex scene, this sleazier version of the all-time classic is for me one of the best sexploitation films out there.

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William said...

Haven't seen the film yet but it does have an excellent poster! I didn't realize there have been so many versions of this over the years.

Authorfan said...

I know, too many IMO. The Kristel version is available on Blu-ray if you're ever interested in shelling out a few bucks.


I've long been a fan of D.H. Lawrence's LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER and have many versions on DVD/Blu-ray, but I've always like this one the best!