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It has been a while since I ventured into the world of V.C. Andrews.  The last time I did so was in 2004 with the first in the Gemini series which I enjoyed tremendously. Why then did I fail to check out its sequels? I have no clue, except to say that perhaps I got sidetracked by the many glam novels that have been coming my way. So when THE MIRROR SISTERS (Pocket Books) suddenly became available on NetGalley for an honest review I said what the heck not and dove right into this thing.

THE MIRROR SISTERS tells the tale of two identical twins who are brought up and home-schooled by their cray-cray mom. Dad is around but prefers to make himself scarce—which is clearly understandable considering the family atmosphere. I mean who would want to confront this obsessive-compulsive impossible woman? One day he bows out and the twins, without a fatherly presence in the house, suffer even more greatly at the hands of mommy dearest, especially when their hormones hit the roof and they are tossed into the real world. Add a sibling rivalry, a sisterly switcharoo, a kidnapping of one of the twins and you’ve got yourself one intense VCA read you’ll devour in no time.

Indeed, reading THE MIRROR SISTERS made the impossible happen: my fervent intention of going back to VCA. Yes boys and girls, I’m seriously thinking of visiting or revisiting every series written by the original author or those now ghostwritten by Andrew Neiderman. That’s how much I had fun with his latest. Those expecting a dark tale of family angst may be pleasantly surprised. All the ingredients are there: secrets, lies, sins, jealousy, manipulation… Neiderman even manages to incorporate some of Andrews’s infamous gothic mood. Just have in mind that like any first VCA book in a series this reads like a YA novel—even though the first person narrative is clearly told by an adult—and I’m pretty sure THE MIRROR SISTERS will be a breeze to go through. But who am I kidding here. It’s V.C. Andrews, people. Either you dig her or you don’t.  I do.


THE MIRROR SISTERS is now available wherever digital or printed books are sold.


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