Saturday, 22 October 2016


I would love to say that I’m up-to-date with Avery Aster’s impressive backlist but, alas, life has a way of throwing some unexpected curveballs, and before you know it, you find yourself way behind schedule. Nothing would please me more than to spend my free time getting into this author’s oeuvres but let’s face it: there are too many novels, films, miniseries that strike my fancy and so precious little time. A title I did manage to get into, however, is his latest in the Manhattanites series, A MANHATTANITE’S CHRISTMAS, offered by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. So without further ado:

Reality star and songstress Neve Adele is on a downright spiral. The only thing that can save her failing career, not to mention her once-lucrative empire, is taking part in the much-publicised Celebrity Newlywed Boot Camp on TV. Problem is she’s husbandless—until sexy Sheldon Truman enters the picture. He’s a recovered alcoholic fighting for custody of an autistic child and he needs the cash.  When the two hook up, major fireworks—on and off screen, but will their union last? But more importantly, how do they go about winning this thing, especially when Neve’s longtime nemesis and expert schemer Tara Storm is part of the cast?
It goes without saying that I had a ball reading A MANHATTANITE’S CHRISTMAS. The author clearly knows how to entice and deliver. His duo-team protagonists are sympathetic ones and their involvement with one another makes for some torrid entertainment. Told in the first person with either character’s point of view in alternate chapters, the plot moves along real nicely to a satisfying if too abrupt of a conclusion. I would have taken another 100 pages of this work in a heartbeat instead of the two very ‘smexy’ excerpts offered at the end of this novel. That’s how good this fifth installment of the Manhattanites really is. Let’s just hope the author has plans later on to deliver a longer version, just like he did with his first two novels in the series.

 A MANHATTANITE’S CHRISTMAS is now available digitally on Amazon.

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