Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Ever since I embarked on this Hollywood-related wagon of hers with the sizzling 2011 HOLLYWOOD SINNERS, which I’ll gladly review one of these days, I make it my mission to read anything from Victoria Fox. It could be a novel, a short story, her grocery list; it scarcely matters; just as long as I get a taste of her wicked, but most importantly always impressive, pen. So imagine the thrill I felt when all of a sudden came this ARC with her name on it from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Heavenly is all I can say. So without further ado: 

Nothing is sweeter than reading about sibling rivalry among the rich, especially when they’re twins, fraternal twins in this case. It hardly matters who’s right or wrong just as long as the author goes the extra mile to deliver the goods. You could say that Victoria Fox does just that with her latest. THE SANTIAGO SISTERS (Mira Books UK) is a crackling tale of two rags to riches beauties from Argentina (one becomes a famous Hollywood actress, the other an internationally famed photographer) who, when younger, are at each other’s throats until they get separated and one spends what seems like an eternity getting revenge on the other. In between you get adultery, a kidnapping as a prologue, a May-December romance, plenty of glitz and glam, and one or two heartfelt moments to spare. 

Get ready to be mesmerized because with THE SANTIAGO SISTERS VICTORIA FOX cements herself as the author to pick when it comes to compelling beach reads. Filled with sultry liaisons, romantic getaways, caviar and champagne and a bunch of beautiful people who look cool, calm and collected the novel is fun with a capital F.  The plot may look hardly inventive but with Fox at the helm the end result is quite addictive.  

With her strong narrative, her sense of timing, not to mention her impressive skills when it comes to one on one combats whether coital or simply verbal it is fair to say that THE SANTIAGO SISTERS is the must-read novel of the season. If you ever wondered what it’s like being surrounded by wealth and yet still be totally miserable then this book is for you. Victoria Fox has delivered a doozy. 

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