Sunday, 24 April 2016


Anybody who reads my blog knows by now that I enjoy well-made fluff.  Whether in films or in novels or in spectacular miniseries, nothing gets my tail wagging more than following the troubles of the rich. Mind you, the protagonists do not always have to be a wealthy bunch, but it always helps when they are.  For some strange reasons they always seem to be the most miserable.  Take the characters in THE WRONG KIND OF MONEY by Stephen Birmingham, for example.  Those rich bastards aren’t just troubled they are mother-effing loonies, which sure makes for a great read. A super great read if you want to know the truth. 

Indeed, Stephen Birmingham’s take of old money in the face of adultery and kidnapping has never been more fun. THE WRONG KIND OF MONEY focuses on what makes a self-made millionaire tick to the point of risking everything for a piece of the happiness pie.  In-between catchy narrative and strong characterization the author dissects the life of a lost soul who may or may not have had ties with the underworld. Moreover, the book’s ingenious structure makes the reading experience a step above. Birmingham's plume is so rich and witty that even the narration becomes part of the characters. Yes, THE WRONG KIND OF MONEY is—pun intended ahead—the right kind of a novel to seek your teeth into. You'll definitely find yourself enthralled with everything the man behind the title has to offer.

I have yet to invest more into this author’s work but based on this title alone I will be more than happy do so. It would be foolish of me to say that I already own most of his books but I do.  That’s the kind of a nut that I am. It’s called being a bookaholic.  Some prefer the term avid reader, but I take mine straight-up.  Always have and always will. Anyway, go on and indulge yourself with this novel.  Like me, you’ll end up being a very happy trooper. 

You can still catch THE WRONG KIND OF MONEY wherever digital books are sold.

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