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I have read two books by prolific author Rosemary Rogers so far: one was a Jackie Susann—ish tale of the problems of the rich called THE INSIDERS.  Though it has been ages ago I remember it being very very naughty; the other one is her first historical romance aptly named SWEET SAVAGE LOVE which, as you all know, is a far departure from my usual contemporary reads. And if based solely on my past blog posts, you’d assume that I would review THE INSIDERS instead.  But this time I’ve decided to take a different route and focus on SWEET SAVAGE LOVE.   So here it goes. 

Nonstop action and graphic sex win over substance in the infamous 1974 SWEET SAVAGE LOVE.  And when it is done right, as I can attest it is in this case, more power to it I say.  To claim that protagonist Ginny Brandon is a curious individual is literally an understatement since she's constantly putting her nose where it doesn't belong, most noticeably in the pants of sturdy hero Steve Morgan whom she just loves to hate. Her so-out of control infatuation with him brings her to undiscovered territories that will eventually leave huge marks on her psyche... and body.
Regardless of the many used-up ploys the author applies to tame her unidimensional duo characters, she still succeeds in making their union a celebrated affair with a crisp narrative and hot descriptive sex. Moreover, her prodigiously researched of history during the time of the Civil War keeps the pace racing. What could irk, however, is the politically incorrect way she physically uses and abuses her heroine.  As much true to life a situation is depicted, reality can also make things look a little too cringed-worthy at times.   Yet despite its flaws, SWEET SAVAGE LOVE is definitely a fun and compelling read which, in the long run, could even be hailed as the triple X version of GONE WITH THE WIND. 
You can still catch SWEET SAVAGE LOVE wherever digital books are sold.

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