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I was on a trip abroad the first time I ever caught ADORED  by the ever-talented Tilly Bagshawe.  I took one look at the cover and knew right away that we would end up BFFs.   How can you not when all it promises is a good time.  I didn’t purchase the book right away however.  I already had reading material with me and knew I would throw it aside the first chance I got hold of the book.  So like a good boy I held out.  But I didn’t forget.  Oh how I didn’t.  It took a few weeks before I got my hands on a copy (a birthday gift from my other half, actually), but once I did, it was Xanadu, my darlings; Pure saccharine Xanadu. 

ADORED introduces us to Siena, a young heroine who just can't seem to be happy with her charmed life. She wants to be a movie star no matter what.  So true to form, she says cheerios to her England private school life and embarks on a Hollywood journey where she'll meet all sorts of influential people and, of course, mega problems along the way. The author is definitely at ease with those elements, creating a one sitting read that'll please fans of the genre. Indeed, ADORED works quite aplenty thanks to the many zany but fun-filled situations, torrid sexual scenes and punchy dialogue. Indeed, Bagshawe first offering highly deserves its juicy stamp of approval as its popularity. 

I have read many novels by her since then, none of which had ever dissatisfied me.  She has this thing that I call pizazz.   You know, the knack of always delivering spot-on escapist fiction.  No wonder she has also taken over from Sidney Sheldon after his death, delivering non-stop romantic suspense novels every summer for the last four years. She’s the only one who can maintain the late author’s reputation as “the master of the story-telling game”, as People Magazine so proudly declares. They both have similar style about their work.  Yes, her ADORED is a cool acquisition if you’re into frothy reads.  You will certainly demand more after reading this one, and lucky for you, you have a lot to choose from since its 2005 publication.  


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