Thursday, 13 August 2015


They say the first rule to writing good fiction is to write about what you know.  Well, if that’s the case, UK author Nigel May is one heck of a dirty old man.  His third offering SCANDALOUS LIES is nothing but sex, sex, sex; sex in toolsheds, sex in hotel suites, sex in RVs...  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially when it’s as well-balanced as is the main plot—all about the disappearance of a curvaceous TV dancer and her hottie boyfriend.  Around it swirl a bunch of Hollywood biggies and British wannabees whose own stories mirror the ones found in every supermarket and online tabloids.  Drug addiction, fame addiction, and yes, sex addiction, nothing is spared.   And it’s fast-paced.  So much so that, sometimes, you almost feel as if the author needs to keep the ball rolling for fear of losing his readers.  But despite of that, SCANDALOUS LIES delivers.  It is as much fun as binge-watching every episode of a frothy prime time TV series.
And just like many of his characters, Nigel May may very well be on his way to superstardom. His first two novels were self-published until Bookouture snagged his third and released all three as digital books and softcovers.  Last checked, the man was doing really fine sales-wise.  I am not surprised.  He certainly has the flair for it.  Besides, we need another male author in this female-domintated field.  And who better than an already established TV personality (he’s the host of a home shopping program, among other things) with a passion for fluff, glam and smut.

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