Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Craft personality and TV presenter Nigel May is on his way to make a big splash in the glam-fiction world.  His two self-published  ebooks of the rich and rotten have gained enough momentum for him to sign a four-book deal with Bookouture which includes a re-release of TRINITY and ADDICTED.
His newest œuvre is called SCANDALOUS LIES and will be available this July (the 10th, to be precise).  A prologue is already featured in the repackaged version of his earlier titles (below) now available on Amazon Kindle.  If you have yet to read this fellow, whom many believe to be the "male Jackie Collins", now's the time to do so, especially since summer's just around the corner.  Having already given his first novel the thumbs up, I believe you're in good hands.
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