Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Here’s an interesting discovery.  While surfing the Internet I came upon this handwritten note explaining some of the reasons why author Judith Krantz quit the publishing business.  Inscribed in her 1996 best-selling book SPRING COLLECTION to someone she obviously knows it goes on saying “I’d had enough of living alone with a computer all day.”  Here’s the full text:

September 17, 2005
Dear Michael’s family,
This book was lost in a past secretary’s office for three years! I discovered it yesterday with horror –you must have thought I’d disappeared. I’m always delightful to hear from you—especially since you write suck kind letters.
My husband, family and I are well and working.  I quit writing five years ago— I’d had enough of living alone with a computer all day—and since then I’ve been going to art classes and learning something entirely new! P. 123 “’Besides, I was still in the mood to dance, damn it!’” With my best regards—Judith Krantz”
I’ve always wondered why she wasn’t writing anymore.  Now I know.  And so do you.
Until next post—Martin
UPDATE:  Turns out it was an eBay auction of a person who had been in contact with the author and who was sent the hardcover back three years later after asking for a personal inscription.  He or she asked $45 for it online and it never sold.
ANOTHER UPDATE:  Well, it looks like the book is back online at the same asking price.  So if you’re interested…

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