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Season four of DYNASTY is all about Peter De Vilbis, the jet setting rogue. Well, not exactly but he does take center stage in regards to Fallon’s storyline.  She’s madly in love with him. Or so she says. But we all know that it isn’t true. How can it be?  The guy’s a total ‘mo.  But for the benefit of the plot, we’ll pretend he isn’t. Of course, I don’t have any proof of this but I have a hunch that he likes nothing better than hanging around West Hollywood when the itch beckons. Fallon seems to be fooled, though, except for Claudia and Jeff who, like us, know something’s wrong with him. OK, Jeff’s still enamored with Fallon and will do anything to get her back, including butting heads with the competition.  But that just doesn’t erase the fact that he sees right through Mr. De Vilbis, whose last name, by the way, couldn’t be more… devilish.  

But moving on… After rescuing Alexis and Krystle from a flaming cabin Mark—Krystle’s ex—is accused of starting the fire in the first place.  Though the real culprit is Joseph the major-domo, it takes a few episodes before Marky boy is off the hook. He then becomes Alexis’s bodyguard before someone pushes him off a balcony ledge to his death.  As for Joseph, well, after being discovered as the true firestarter (move over Drew Barrymore), he offs himself with a handgun, turning his pregnant daughter into a vengeful wimp when she discovers he’d been blackmailed by Alexis (over his wife’s—Kirby’s mom—rep). Yes, wimp, because her conscience takes over before she’s able to pull the trigger on Alexis even though the dragon lady deserves it so.  As if that wasn’t complicated enough, it turns out that the father of her unborn child is none other than debonair but rapist Adam.  But don’t tell husband Jeff that.   Though he’s already back shacking up with Fallon, he wants to be a good husband and father. Until he finds out the real deal about Kirby and Adam, that is. Then it’s every man for himself as he fistfights Adam on the rooftop of the Carrington plaza. Since it’s a double whammy for Adam, him being a rapist and a poisoner (tried to kill Jeff with it in season three and Jeff now knows) Adam is almost a goner but not quite. The show needs him to raise more hell, not to mention to support wimpy Kirby whose storyline has gone awry. 

But the best reason to watch season four, in my opinion, is to feast your eyes on newcomer Dex Dexter whom I call Sex Sexter on account of his rugged virility. I mean the guy oozes sex appeal even when he burps. “I don’t bend for anyone”, he warns Blake in one episode. Oh I’ll just bet you don’t. Where is Steven when we need him?  Oh yeah, he’s off fighting his dad and Sammy Jo for custody of his son, which he finally obtains after marrying cuckoo Claudia. Although this union doesn’t please mama Alexis she has other fishes to fry like bending for Sex Sexter for instance. Their hook up is the best thing that could ever happen to her.  It makes her almost likable. 

Since she got remarried to Blake (first one was annulled), Krystle wants to be a better wife, which means working for him as a publicist at Denver Carrington (why?  Just enjoy the wealth, honey). Enter Tracy who’s all sweet and doe-eyed as Krystle’s secretary but is really a woman scorned. She wants Krystle’s position and will stop at nothing to get it, even seducing Blake which he does not take very kindly and fires her. Then she changes camp to Colbyco’s but quits when Alexis wants her to bed a client. She is never seen again.

I could go on and on about the plots and subplots but let just say that season four ends up with Fallon as a runaway bride (bid adieu to Pamela Sue Martin who wants off the series), Kirby running off to Europe for good (bye-bye), Alexis getting arrested for the murder of Mark Jennings, and the revelation that a black wealthy socialite singer could be Blake’s sis (oh the shade of it all!); all in all, a strong season, even though the first Fallon will be greatly missed (hint, hint!).  And this goes even for you, Mark Jennings.  You were kind of a hottie yourself.


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