Sunday, 26 October 2014


Having been a connoisseur of glam fiction for a while now, I earned the right to be selective. But there was a time when I used to read anything from anyone as long as it was categorized as trash.  Not anymore.  I’ve been around the block too many a times and I need to concentrate on what makes my brain—and another bodily function—pop.  Hence Havana Adams’ ebook BLACK DIAMOND, which centers around a set of twins, who, under nebulous circumstances (at least they are to them), are torn apart at a young age, only to be reunited almost two decades later. It’s in between those years that the novel focuses mostly. In one corner we have a spoiled rich Hollywood celebutante who makes all the wrong choices; and in the other a poor overweight but strong-willed black sheep who yearns more out of life in the UK.  Cheating lovers, two-timing friends, drug taking, and child abuse are just some of the heartaches plaguing these girls before coming face to face eventually.
What I like most about BLACK DIAMOND, besides its strong but clear narrative, is the sure way the author handles her plot.   She isn’t afraid of getting into the psyche of her characters, digging a little deeper than we’re used to even, to tell her story. Not only are her heroines completely fleshed-out but she throws in a few (believable) curve balls that make BLACK DIAMOND an even more compelling read. Though she could have done without the big kidnapping denouement of one of her girls (and some omnipresent typos), which to me blemishes the essence of an already strong story, this is an overall impressive first novel—a rare attribute in this era of overindulgent e-books.  Now if her second novel REMEMBER MY NAME is as exciting as this one, I’ll definitely move her up as a must-read novelist.

BLACK DIAMOND is published by Carina UK and you can get it wherever ebooks are sold.



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