Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Rejoice, people. After a slight bump with her lackluster THE WOMAN WHO HAD EVERYTHING, Davidyne Saxon Mayleas is back on track with BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, her follow-up novel. The 450-plus page romp sparkles with larger than life characters, sumptuous settings, steamy sex... The story revolves around Cella Taggard, the daughter of an eminent family, who—like her parents before her—is an ace at forging antique jewelry. Fool of her to ever think that what she’s doing is illegal. To her, greatness is all that matters and her pieces are nothing but. Enter hot foremost art sleuth Jason Lord who’ll turn her heart inside out, not to mention her conscience, when he sets out to seduce her. Will she succumb to his charm and finally surrender? 

Yes I agree, taken that way, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY reads like a tawdry Harlequin romance, but the novel is so much more. Miss Mayleas writes convincingly of the international diamond scene, the world of high finance, not to mention her description of the many exotic locations around the globe. There’s also double dealings, incestuous relationships, even murder, in the mix. I tell you, her piece of the opulent pie is as worthy as in any Krantzes, Conrans, Vincenzis… 
As you all know, Davidyne Saxon Mayleas never became a household name. Her paperback originals (six of them when not counting the work of her possible if unconfirmed pseudonym William Saxon) did have some form of success during the 80s and 90s, but she never really reached that superstardom zenith so eagerly coveted. Whatever became of her after that? Who really knows? She did release a true account tale called MY SECRET LIFE BY SARA WILLIS AS TOLD TO DAVIDYNE MAYLEAS in 2007 about—what else?—jewelry forgers. But after that one? Zilch. I’m sure she’s in the autumn of her years now and has other fish to fry, but wouldn’t it be just great to see a new novel of hers appear one of these days? Heck, I’d even settle for a resurgence of her backlist in e-book form. If Meredith Rich can do it, I‘m sure there’s a place for the likes of Davidyne Saxon Mayleas. In the meantime, give this lady a try. Buy her paperbacks and share the love.

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