Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Like any red-blooded high-camp moviegoer, I’ve seen my share of deliciously awful flicks. From THE LONELY LADY to the more recent SHOWGIRLS, nothing compares to the high I get every time I watch one of these films. The latest being the ever-popular ENDLESS LOVE directed by ROMEO AND JULIET Franco Zeffirelli and based on the hit novel by Scott Spencer. It stars a slew of talented seasoned performers (Shirley Knight, Don Murray…) prowling around gorgeous but minimally talented 15 year old Brooke Shields. Newcomer Martin Hewitt is the film’s pretty boy teen who’s obsessed with her. And just like the movie title says, his love for her is endless, so you can expect some wackiness to take center stage, and does it ever.

It all starts out with a neighborhood party Shields’ unconventional parents are throwing. Murray smokes weed and does a shotgun with a chick who may or may not be his wife. Then comes the after-party where Mama Knight catches her baby-girl getting deflowered by Hewitt to the syrupy sound of Jonathan Tunick’ score. Awe, even desire, registers on her face. But later on when the young couple starts doing it like rabbits, dad puts a stop to it by tearing them apart. Hoping to be back on Murray’s good grace, Hewitt acts on a cockamamie plan—suggested by none other than first-time on-screen Tom Cruise in short shorts(!)—to start a fire and rescue Shields and her family, thus making him look like a hero.

Of course, the plan goes awry and Hewitt gets institutionalized, never again to cross path with Shields. Cut  to a few years later and wouldn’t you know, a released Hewitt visits divorced Knight who still has the hots for him. When he rejects her, she does what any sensible woman would do: she offers him the couch. While she’s in another room, Hewitt manages to steal Shields’ new address and rushes out to meet her. Since the film is called ENDLESS LOVE, you can expect their union to but nothing but grand. However, when papa Murray catches him in the streets of New York, he goes after the kid but gets killed by a speeding car. When Shields finds out, she swears off Hewitt once and for all.


But again, being that this is an ENDLESS LOVE, it all comes down to Shields listening to her heart instead (more to her mom actually) and going back to Hewitt for good this time around (we think), while the syrupy score is at it again but with Lionel Richie and Diana Ross at the vocals. Credits roll as we run screaming from the room. But we wouldn’t change the film if you paid us. Well, perhaps for a few tens or Hewitt’s private phone number—whichever comes first. And to Knight’s reported plea that Zeffirelli replace Shields with an ever more accomplished actress? Shame on you, woman. Brooke—as ENDLESS LOVE—is perfect. You hear me?!! Per—fect!

UPDATE:  It looks like there's a remake coming our way.  It stars Alex Pettyfer from MAGIC MIKE.  I'll probably check it out eventually.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Finally saw the remake and enjoyed it but not as much as the original.  The lead actress is good, as is Joely Richardson as the mom.  Although Alex Pettyfer is soft on the eyes and gives a fine performance he looks too old for the part. The basis of the film is the same but the plot does tend to veer off course from time to time which isn't always a good thing.  So there you have it, my mini review.


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