Monday, 12 August 2013



Make room for a French-Canadian, ABC’s REVENGE. Yes, Sleaze Factor has just learned that next season, TV’s PAN AM Karine Vanasse is set to play Margaux, a career woman who’s an old acquaintance of Daniel (John Bowman). She’ll be around for a couple of episodes, and, if everything works as planned, she’ll eventually become a permanent fixture. Let’s hope that she does, for she is a sensational actress.


There’s a new star in town. The name is Avery Aster (a pseudonym) and Avery writes steamy bonkbusters. The latest is called UNSCRUPULOUS (THE MANHATTANITES #2) and will be released digitally in a few days (August 14th) by Ellora Cave’s Publishing. From what we’ve read, expect big things from this author. Yes, kiddies, the excerpt I received is all slick and juicy and narratively impressive. And the best part is, you don’t really have to read the first book to get into the action. But if your mind is still set on doing it chronologically, UNDRESSED (THE MANHATTANITES #1) will be available at the low price of $2.99 (US) for a limited time.

When she’s not too busy frolicking with the politicians, Louise Mensch (previously Louise Bagshawe) is a best-selling fiction author. And her latest is called BEAUTY (Headline). The publication date is set around mid-January 2014 in the UK and Canada. No words yet as to what the plot will be about, except that it’ll feature a ten year span between two unlikely characters. You can bet that it’ll be as compelling as her other novels. More on that one when the cover is finally revealed.


The paperback version of Nicholas Coleridge’s latest THE ADVENTURESS (Orion) will see the light of day in early October 2013 in the UK and mid-November in Canada. The titled character who’s chronicled life spans 20 years, debuting in the big hair days of the 1980s, is an engrossing fun read. I’m sure Sleaze Factor will focus more on this title in the near future.



Last but not least, A PERFECT HERITAGE (formely A KIND OF PROMISE) is the title of Penny Vincenzi’s latest from Headline. Set in the world of facial cosmetics, the novel centers around the struggle between the doyenne of the firm and the newcomer who is hired to shake things up. This lengthy novel is sort of a return to Vincenzi’s glitz and glamour-era which began with OLD SINS. Expect a lot of secrets to surface when it comes out in late October 2013 in the UK and Canada. Again, more on that one when the cover is finally revealed.


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