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OK, I’ve decided to do something a little different this time around, to kick start what I think could be a real doozie if everything goes as plan. Since I don’t always review novels and films like I should, I figured why not ramble on anything connected with sleaze in between real reviews. Cool idea, huh? Soooooo… let’s start this shingding by talking about Jackie Collins.


Yes, the queen of sleaze is putting the finishing touches to her latest, CONFESSIONS OF A WILD CHILD (Simon & SchusterUK). If you think this one is all about Lucky Santangelo, then you’ve guessed right. The novel focuses on her earlier years, which means every important characters should make an appearance, including devilish Olympia Stanislopoplous whom I LOVED in CHANCES. The book is already set for pre-sale in the UK until its September release. No words on when the US/Canada version will hit the stands and e-readers. But based on her earlier outings, it should not be that far in between. Meanwhile, check out her sizzling short story THE ROCK STAR AND THE LIFEGUARD (originally written for Rolling Stone magazine) wherever e-books are sold.

The Mass market paperback edition of Harold Robbins THE CURSE (Forge Books) written by Junius Podrug is set for a New Year’s eve 2013 release. I must admit  that I’m way behind on my Robbins/Podrug reading, but like any former novels of theirs, this latest looks mighty tasty. All about art, fake artifacts and sex—of course. Meanwhile, if you own an e-reader, you can download most of Robbins’s back list, including his posthumous ones. Again, just visit any e-book stores for more info.

Speaking of dead authors, Sidney Sheldon also got a book out in print (hardback) and in digital by HarperCollins Publishers. It’s called THE TIDES OF MEMORY and like his former last outings, it is also written by best-selling author Tilly Bagshawe of FAME fame. Here’s the novel description:

The members of the formidable and captivating De Vere family of London live enviable lives in the world’s most powerful and desirable places, from London’s poshest neighborhoods to influential boardrooms. But when old secrets begin to unravel and threaten everything the De Veres have worked for, the ramifications are deadly.

What can I say. I’m sold already. Though I have to admit that her/his second to last novel, AFTER THE DARKNESS, didn’t do the trick for me. Too many “you've got to be kidding me” situations. But let’s hope this one delivers the goods.

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