Sunday, 28 April 2013


Slick trashy novels are fun when they give you exactly what you want, a good time. They do not have to be wordy; they do not have to be witty; they just need to be as gripping as they can possibly be. Nigel May’s TRINITY (Bookouture) fits that bill perfectly. It’s a story of friendship among the fast lane world of the entertainment industry. All three protagonists, old school chums, yearn to make it big, whether as a movie star, a gossip queen, or simply a more respected well-grounded individual. Of course, adversity comes back to bite them on their perfect little hineys, making the road to happiness a heck of a bumpy ride. But that’s the best part of TRINITY, the way the author manages to stir the pot big time: death threats, drug taking, bitch slapping, back stabbing, May December encounters, gay encounters… The list goes on and on to a slam bang climax that involves a different kind of coming out of the closet for one of the characters.

It goes without saying that reading TRINITY made me think of Collins and Robbins, but also of J.J. Salem. Especially of Salem, probably because I had just finished devouring his sexually-charged TAN LINES before embarking on the Nigel May’s reading train. Still, both use more or less the same theme, though May is way more out there (if you can believe that) with his in-your-face antics and narrative. TRINITY also has a heftier cast of characters, which overall is handled quite nicely despite a feeling of over-abundance. Moreover, the book is quite funny with it’s one liners and highly improbable but fun situations.
TRINITY may be hailed as just an over-the-top romp but is never boring. You’ll have a ball following the hectic lives of these super divas. Nigel May can really write up a storm for a first-time novelist. In a world of bonkbusters, TRINITY certainly does have its place in the best-selling dome. The question is, will it eventually get there? Only time will tell. But in the meantime check out the novel when it officially comes out as an e-book next month.

You can order TRINITY wherever digital and print books are sold.

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