Friday, 1 June 2012


To celebrate the forthcoming 30th anniversary release of Shirley Conran LACE (by Canongate Books), let's look back at some of the US or UK covers that have caught our eyes throughout the years.

 These are the first US and UK hardcover editions from 1982.

A somber 25th anniversary cover for a grand novel.

I like this cover.  Wish these ladies looked more like the heroines from the TV miniseries, though.

Speaking of whom, this cover is my favorite by far.  They should have used this photo for the DVD release.

 Cool '90s paperback cover.

From 1997.

                  This is the omnibus one.  Must be LiLi on the cover.

Last but not least, the first US paperback version.  This is the one I got after seeing the sensational miniseries.


So there you have it.  I'm sure there's many more where those came from, and I will keep at it as soon as I find them.


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