Thursday, 9 June 2011


For all of those Pia Zadora fans out there, here’s an in-depth interview Paul Freeman from Pop Culture Classics did with her very recently. In it she dishes--among other things--about  THE LONELY LADY and what made her want to star in it. Here’s a snippet of what she reveals:

"When I used to do interviews and they asked about ‘Lonely Lady’ I’d say, ‘Well, it was not released. It escaped. It should not have escaped, but unfortunately, now that it’s there, we have to deal with it.’ It could have been, not a great movie, but a decent statement about a woman who is struggling to become something in Hollywood. But it just went off in the wrong direction, with the wrong director and the wrong writer. And so it became a camp, cult classic, which is kind of interesting. It’s kind of fun that it went in that direction. What the heck? As long as it made someone laugh and made people happy, what the heck?"

You can read the rest by simply clicking here.


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