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One of the great ladies of the super-glossy flicks has passed away.  Marie-France "Papa, I do love you" Pisier from the unforgettable THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT  (available on DVD) has been found dead in her swimming pool in the early hours of morning last month. The discovery was made by her husband with whom she has had a son and a daughter. She also leaves behind a brother and a sister. It is yet undetermined what really happened that faithful morning, other than the fact the she has been suffering from cancer. But let me assure you that I will keep you posted as soon as I find anything worth mentioning.

Miss Pisier has also been involved in other American-made productions throughout her long career, such as the mega hit TV adaptation of Judith Krantz’s SCRUPLES (now on DVD) and the lesser known (and still unavailable on DVD) CHANEL SOLITAIRE. Her last appearance has been in last year French IL RESTE DU JAMBON?  I had the opportunity of seeing this lightweight comedy while visiting Paris. In it she plays the mom of the lead actress. She’s only in a couple of scenes but is still—was—as beautiful and as talented as ever in her twilight years. So here’s to you, Miss Pisier for giving us a heritage of wonderful trashy films. Merci du fond du cœur.
UPDATE:  According to French Wikipedia, her inert body was found trapped underneath a massive lawn chair at the bottom of the pool. The people behind the investigation are still on the fence as to what led to her death. The final autopsy and toxicologist reports do tend to support the fact that it may have been suicide. The police investigation, however, prefers to rule it death by a heart attack, since little water was found in her lungs. Whatever the cause, it’s terribly sad.

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