Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Joanna Barnes

The first time I laid eyes on this novel I knew I was in for a treat. Maybe it's the 70's cover that did it, or perhaps it's the Jacqueline Susann's blurb underneath the title praising the work. Whatever the reason, this novel is worth your time and money.

THE DECEIVERS by Joanna Barnes (Pocket, 1971)

Yep, another Hollywood novel, but one done with panache. Veteran actress truned author Joanna Barnes clearly has fun with her cast of characters which goes from the sweet ingenue to the ultimate brat who rules Tinseltown. Her prose is as sharp as her villain's scheming ways. No one is safe from her pen as she pushes them all into a topsy-turvy world of charmed lives and decadence where a Hollywood gone mad is worthy of any Susanns and Collinses.-----Martin Boucher

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Jon in Chicago said...

Joanna Barnes! I had no idea that she was an author. I only knew her as Vicky, the gold-digging stepmother-to-be in the original "The Parent Trap”… where she proved, with gloriously malevolent flair, that Disney’s live-action villains could be just as much fun as the animated variety.

If her writing is anywhere near as good as her acting, then THE DECEIVERS is well worth reading!