Thursday, 13 May 2021


When I’m not writing those wonderful reviews of mine I work in a hospital. I have been at it for quite some time now: thirty plus years. And when I’m not working, I read a lot. That is, I used to read a lot. Because all my time is now spent taking care of sick people, thanks mostly to that damned global pandemic of ours. Anyway, to make a long story short, I barely read nowadays and when I do I invest on authors that I love. Case in point: Karen Swan.


I have been following her career for quite some time. Though I have yet to read her entire back list, I always enjoy her stories of beautiful people and the gorgeous locations she puts them in. Her latest, THE SECRET PATH (Paperbacks available now in Canada from Macmillan), follows that same recipe to a T, but contrary to her other novels, it has failed to capture me totally. No fault to her, I must say. It’s just that I prefer not to read about anything involving medicine and such. Yes, I should have glanced at the synopsis before requesting the novel on NetGalley. Color me crazy, but I just prefer avoiding reading any summery when it involves a fave author of mine. So forgive me Ms. Swan if I’m not that keen over your latest. I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from and I’m also sure that other readers will enjoy it better than I did. But I promise to be back when the itch beckons again which will probably happen in the next months or so since I have the holiday novel with your name on it to look forward to.


In the meantime here’s the synopsis I did ignore for THE SECRET PATH:


In Costa Rica, amid startling white beaches and hot, dense rainforests, the luxurious world of the super-rich butts up against something darker, something sinister. . .

Tara Tremain has worked hard to leave the controlling grasp of her extremely affluent family far behind. With her own career in medicine, she doesn’t need the Tremains’ expectations weighing her down any more. But pulled back into the family’s orbit one last time for an unmissable party in the jungles of Costa Rica, she finds herself flung into action: a local boy is desperately ill and she must trek for days into the jungle to save his life.

What Tara could never have predicted is that the one person who can help her in this impossible journey is Alex Carter, the man who destroyed her life ten years ago . . .’


 Until next post—Martin