Sunday, 9 April 2017


I recently read PILLOWFACE and BIGFOOT BEACH by Kristopher Rufty and enjoyed them so  much that when NetGalley offered SOMETHING VIOLENT (DarkFuse) in exchange for an honest review, I just couldn’t pass it up. It is fair to say that Rufty has entered the realms of the new breed of horror writers who prefer the in-your-face tactic over the slow-burning approach. When the result of that makes for an impossible to put down shocker like any of those first mentioned two titles, the reader has no choice but to ask for more of the same. SOMETHING VIOLENT is that kind of a book. The plot may be a tad different but the execution is cut and paste.    

Indeed, taking a cue from Bryan Smith’s work mostly, Rufty delivers a tale that is high-strung on violence but surprisingly very light on characterization. The duo work of his protagonists—or should we say antagonists since they are famed serial killers after all—may be despicable for all the obvious reasons but their union sure is far from that. Like any couple who just happens to love slaying people, there is a bump in their relationship. It’s up to a kidnapped therapist to save their fading romance—if he doesn’t get killed first. 

Told in alternative points of view, SOMETHING VIOLENT is overall fun if you don’t wallow too much in its cold serving. Despite having a fast-paced tag and a lively narrative the book suffers from a lack of sympathy for its fearsome twosome. Obviously they are meant not to be taken too seriously but the overall effect of their sordid ways can become irksome after a while if little else is going on. Still SOMETHING VIOLENT is certainly worth checking-out just for the wild ride if offers and of course for the thrill of finding out if this romantic pair is indeed saved. Just enter with caution, that’s all.

SOMETHING VIOLENT is available wherever digital books are sold.


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