Wednesday, 10 August 2016


Ever since the publication of SNOW in 2010 Ronald Malfi has been churning out edge of your seat horror fares to the delight of his growing fan base. His newest novel is no different. Set in a post-apocalyptic America a father and his eight year-old daughter are on the run from the CDC who wants to use his immune little one to cure a fatal disease. A sort of a road trip gone bad where more than half of the population is dead and what’s left has either one foot in the grave or has taken the law into its own hands. In between many encounters with the bad guys you get flashbacks, impressive dialogue, emotional moments, and a dozy of an ending that will leave no reader unfazed. 

THE NIGHT PARADE (Kensington) is a cross between King’s THE STAND, FIRESTARTER and even the less-compelling DREAMCATCHER.  But don’t let the comparison fool you. This is a highly-effective horror/drama/thriller that never loses steam and is as rewarding as any work from the Maine man. Malfi is comfortable behind his plume and it shows.  His narrative, as his characterization, feels fresh, secure, but most importantly, addictive. Literary even comes to mind; so much so that the action almost becomes secondary; but not quite since everything is so well-paced.  

Sure, the feeling of déjà vu regarding the plot is there but the author is more than talented enough to add another layer to the end-of-the-world sagas, one that will please many fans of the sub-genre. And who says one cannot dabble into already explored areas? As long as it’s well-made and rewarding and has a strong comeback flavour to it there’s definitely nothing wrong with it, is there? So go on, pick up THE NIGHT PARADE. You’ll thank me later.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.


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Tim Ward said...

Glad to hear you liked this one. My favors of his is Vio Dolorosa (is that the title?). I need to check to see if this is an audiobook yet. Thanks for reviewing and reminding me!

Authorfan said...

You're welcome. And thanks for visiting.