Thursday, 10 March 2016



With all the cool novels I've been feasting on lately it was only natural that I would  hit a wall, and that wall is none other than Brad Strickland  1988 SHADOWSHOW. If you're into sci-fi or fantasy you probably know this man already.   As for I, he doesn't ring a bell. But I know that during the late ‘80s, the Onyx line, a direct competition to the much better-received Dell Abyss line, published two of his horror novels, SHADOWSHOW being the first one. I was so ecstatic to finally give it a go, since I had heard so many good things about it on the Internet. And besides, keeping me away from that fetching cover was just impossible. Well, as it turned out, maybe I should have tried a little harder to steer clear, for the time spent reading this thing was less rewarding than I thought it would be.

Why is that? Well, for starters, I failed to connect with the book’s many characters. Yes, some were better developed than others but as a whole no one tickled my fancy enough to root for him or for her. Secondly, the narrative was indeed impressive enough with some moments of near fright, but the scares were few and far between and when they finally came together near the end I was too much over the book to really care. And thirdly, all of this pre-fabricated printed articles and quotations before each section of the novel was fun at first but got tiresome after a while. I’m sure if I did dig the novel I would have found them rather cool and exciting. But it definitely was not the case.
I know, I may be too harsh on this book since it is still rather fetching behind all of its mishaps, but I just hate it when I invest time and energy on something I end up disliking. There’s so many good books out there that I rather read those then waste my effort on something not up to par in my opinion. Suffice to say, I don’t think I will pick up his second attempt at horror called CHILDREN OF THE KNIFE, but if I ever do, I’m sure I’ll get it out of my system on this blog.
You can still catch SHADOWSHOW wherever digital books are sold.


Until next post—Martin
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Will Errickson said...

I seem to remember this one getting some buzz but I never read it. Sounds like I didn't miss much!

Authorfan said...

Wish I could say otherwise but nah, it wasn't that involving.