Monday, 1 August 2011

MIXED BAG: Alien From The Deep, Dead Snow, 13Teen, Pia Zadora


This week I give you 1989 ALIEN FROM THE DEEP, a schlock entry into the ALIEN clone. It’s all about this monstrous form wrecking havoc on a island compound somewhere. Directed by master of sleaze Antonio Margheriti, the film focuses on three unlikely partners (two men and a woman) who try to infiltrate the bad guys’ turf with deadly result, of course. The film is nothing to shout about but enjoyable if you dig low-budgeters that include wet-t-shirt boobies, substandard FX, and a plot worthy of the recycle bin. Click here for the full review.

The second film is Norwegian 2009 DEAD SNOW. Now, this one is worth the price of admission. If you like zombies, especially those of the WW2 kind, then get ready for some kick ass action sequences and in your face gore. The film takes no time involving us into the plot, and though it does tend to verge on the teen angst shtick every now and again, the end result is still very appealing. No wonder it ended up being the crowd pleaser two years ago at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. Go check it out if you haven’t already. The full review is right here.

The third film is an indie called 13TEEN. It’s a psychological horror film à la… Well, I’m trying to compare it to something else but can’t at the moment. Though the people behind the film proudly proclaims it to be “SEVEN meets PARANORMAL ACTIVITY”. To that I say, no way hosey, but I got to admit that the film is no lost cause. Okay, it isn’t the best horror flick out there but if you like whodunits with supernatural undertones, than you are in for a good time. Again, here is the link for the full review.

Last but not least, if you’re in the Niagara Falls area on the weekend of August 6th 2011, why not attend a Pia Zadora concert at the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel. To my knowledge there are still some tickets left. She will be singing her little heart out (perhaps in the vein of something like this?) while being accompanied by conductor Vinnie Falcone and his orchestra. I would have loved to go but am working that weekend. But I promise myself that if she ever performs in Toronto, I will be first in line. So c’mon Pia, head there soon, will ya?!

Until next post—Martin

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