Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Gwen Davis

Again, a different type of a novel about the rich and famous:

SILK LADY by Gwen Davis (Warner, 1986)

Protagonist Miranda Jay is one unlucky lady. Used, abused (physically and emotionally), she heads off into the right circles where money is the key and sex is the price (yes, I made that up all by myself). She hooks up with various successful men, one of whom’s having close ties with the White House. When a big scandal is just around the corner, many key players end up on the chopping block (the demise kind), including this silk lady whose life story is entirely told in flashbacks. Prolific Gwen Davis is one smart cookie. Her fun and unique tale takes you into all kind of places where colorful characters are as strong as the narrative. She is the best at mixing trash with literature. SILK LADY is so much more than fluff; it is a thinking man/woman novel (and let’s not forget a very satirical one) that dissects life, death and the S&M in all of us. Yes, the novel reeks of sex, but underneath the scent lies so much more. Grab yourself a copy—if you’re ready to venture out into different fictional areas, that is.-----Martin Boucher

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