Friday, 23 May 2008


Remember young Luke and Laura from General Hospital ? They were so hot way back when. So much so that when Genie Francis tried her hands at nighttime TV, the results was a ratings smash. However, it all fizzled out quickly when the two-parters turned into a weekly series. It was based on this title:

BARE ESSENCE by Meredith Rich (Fawcett, 1982)
The birth of a great scent is the main focus in Meredith Rich's (Claudia Jessup) absorbing drama about the rise and fall of people behind the perfume industry. Throughout wonderful settings, handsome men, gorgeous women, power and romance Rich's first outing paints a colorful portrait of a pampered heroine on the brick of self-discovery, and the effect it causes to those around her. BARE ESSENCE touches themes as trust, betrayal, love, greed, independence, and the power of forgiveness, all the right ingredients for making this novel a sure-fire best-seller. With a clear narrative behind a rich jet set frame of mind, the author's talent definitely shines from cover to cover.-----Martin Boucher

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