Thursday, 22 May 2008

JoAnn Ross

JoAnn Ross is a prolific writer to say the least. Among her many Harlequin romances and her later Nora Roberts-ish trilogies, she has penned a contemporary novel set in (where else) Hollywood. It's the only one I read from her (I wasn't even aware of her Harlequin past at the time). So it here goes, let's talk about:

SECRET SINS by JoAnn Ross (St-Martin's, 1991)

Baron Studios heir Leigh Baron has a lot on her shoulders beside a jealous sis and the running of a successful corporation. She must proves that she is as good as anyone at the reins, which includes rebuffing any distractions, like a possible reinvolvment with actor/screenwriter Matthew St. James. True to form, her path to success will lead her into danger zones which involve past sins and secret affairs (wink, wink!). If you haven't figured out already what is the big secret, then picking up this novel will probably make you want to find out. SECRET SINS is a fun easy-to-the-eye ride to glamour city even though the novel is more of a romance than a blue blood contemporary treat. Still the ingredients are all there: sins, sex, secrets, and a climax that sizzles despite its formulaic treatment. C'mon, indulged in SECRET SINS, especially under the sun.-----Martin Boucher

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