Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Davidyne Mayleas

Here's another one I recently finished. It was quite different from other Hollywood novels but I dug it because of that. A very well-written piece:

NAKED CALL by Davidyne Mayleas (Avon, 1991)

Wall Street, the mafia and Hollywood go hand in hand in this fine tale of money embezzlement and the woman who suffers because of it. She is Christie Larsen, the president of United Cinema studio, a Sherry Lansing-like single mother who is a fighter despite big adversities, like the inevitable down slide of her career when she is accused of stealing studio cash. What a girl to do? Trust author Davidyne Mayleas to shake it all up as he/she (William Saxon, a.k.a. Willilam Mayleas is a surer bet) delivers a cool tale of the business behind the business with a strong narrative approach which include colorful but narcissistic to the eyeball characters (but, hey, aren’t they all in real life? This is La La Land, folks). What really makes NAKED CALL stands out, however, is the way the reader gets caught up in the money laundering plot while learning the ABC’s of the financial industry; not your typical fluffy Hollywood novel, per se, but a riveting one at that if you’re in for something different.-----Martin Boucher

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